Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving. All through the use of typography, photography, and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design. But sometimes, the term “graphic design” is used synonymously.

Graphic design involves the creation and combination. Of symbols, images, and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. They use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to create visual compositions.

Common uses of graphic design include corporate design (logos and branding). And, editorial design (magazines, newspapers, and books). Besides that, wayfinding or environmental design, advertising, and web design. As well as communication design, product packaging, signage and many more.

The field of graphic design is a completely different fabric from what it started as. It has been greatly impacted by the digital revolution. Which allowed the evolution of graphic design.

Here are some ways in which it has evolved.

Anyone can do it – with the right tech

tech-anyone-graphic design-evolution
Image via bruce mars

Thanks to tech advancements, graphic design is no longer a laborious task. Graphic design work can now be done solely with the comforts of a computer. Anywhere, anytime.

How come? It’s evolved many thanks to the internet and advancement in digital tech. These allowed graphic design to move away from manual, hand-drawn illustration. Into computer-based illustration and rendering.

Software made for graphic design has dramatically sped up and guided the entire design process. And, opened up innumerable design options to designers. Most that may have once seemed impossible to create manually.

Thanks to Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Canva and many more. Also to WordPress themes; with it, the need for graphic design extended into web design/ development. Opportunities that used to not exist, now exist.

No longer is a creative mind a prerequisite for graphic design. Thanks to tech, just about anyone can do it, anytime, anywhere. As long as one is willing to experiment. Graphic design will only continue to get more convenient to do. Given especially that digital tech just continues to advance.

Work from anywhere, anytime – full mobility

mobility-graphic design-evolution
Image via Christina Morillo

Graphic design work is longer limited to working from a desk. Now it is mobile. Designers can manage their entire workflow easily. Merely with little more than a laptop, the right software, and a solid internet connection.

The internet has also made it much easier for graphic designers to find work despite where they live. Did you know most companies no longer hire in house designers? Preference for freelancers. Why? Because companies get to save space and resources. That caused the rise of the remote graphic designer.

Graphic design is now completely mobile business if need be. How convenient! It’s predicted that it’ll only get easier to work graphic design remotely.

User experience centered design

user-graphic design-evolution
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A throwback into the world of graphic design will tell you it has evolved drastically. See the copy/ image balance, use of color, photography, and tone. These are some of the many elements that have changed with time. And, continually evolve to suit current trends. But why? Most importantly to fit the user’s interest.

For example, currently, we see the rise of modern and minimal designs. To add, an obsession for anything tech-related. It’s because our attention spans are shorter now.  And, tech is in. Graphic designers now have to take that into account. So a rule of thumb now is to be sleek and to the point.

Another thing is, now visuals are more important than ever. Why? Because who wants to spend time reading a wall of text on their compact smartphone? The user experience is a big part in determining the outcome of the graphic design. And, will continue to be a big part.

More emphasis, more analytics

analytics-graphic design-evolution
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Before, graphic design was solely focused on the obvious graphic elements of a product. Like, its packaging or marketing ads. Now it extends way beyond that.

With the advent of the internet, never is there a time where graphic design is more important. Companies nowadays invest large sums of money in graphic design. Mainly to garner exposure online.

Also, thanks to technology, companies can now interact with clients and customers. With this they receive feedback. Along with the interactions come data analytics. These analytics are integral for pinpointing. Which graphic designs prove more effective and successful?

So, using that information allows companies to continue improving. And, thus keep churning out better and more effective graphic designs. It’s all science now. The more it evolves, the more technical it may become.

Design scope expanded

scope-graphic design-evolution
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Naturally, when the field grows, opportunities within it do too. Everything is graphics. The scope of graphic design work has evolved and grown so much with time. What used to be thought niche, now is needed in about everything.

Graphic designers no longer focus only on the apparent graphic elements of products. Which included marketing materials and packaging.

Today, the game has changed. Graphic design is needed for animations, websites, logos, and portfolio designs. Besides that, advertisements, and even architectural production. Not to mention innumerable other applications. Its applications and scope will only continue to grow.

Have a go at graphic design

It seems graphic design is the field to venture into. It has evolved to be so much more than what was thought it could be.

Many thanks to tech and user’s needs development. The nature of graphic design is changed forever and for the better. It will continue to do so. Hard to imagine a world without this much emphasis on graphic design anymore.